Partial response to @drgrist on different approaches to energy/climate progress reposted here (was a comment on Grist). I’ll take cheering over yelling any day. But that’s just me, and I’m NOT disparaging protest. Here’s the commment:

One reason I left full-time word typing ( ) was dissatisfaction with watching from the sidelines as momentous stuff unfolded. Now I’m building courses (yes, in communication!~), making films with students about one-planet living ( ) and working with teachers at various levels to help build resilience and creative zeal into secondary curriculums. The best thing about my week was being a judge today in DC for the Future City national finals

There was a ballroom filled with noise, but unlike the noise around the climate/energy fight it was cheering, not yelling. Students showed their innovations for cleaning stormwater, recycling, designing with nature, instead of walling it off.

Young people have a choice (as do scientists, journalists and everyone else) if they care about building a better planet. Some choose to challenge the powers that be. I don’t begrudge them that choice.

Some choose to try to become the makers of the world they will inhabit. I saw dozens today who are destined to do this.

At the contest, I tweeted about the motto of the Russ School of Engineering at Ohio University: “Students at #futurecity2013 hear @russcollege engineering credo: Create for the world, for the future, for good.”