Six Americas" work on US climate & energy attitudes is invaluable. There’s great information in this interview about the opportunity to press for climate resilience.

But the “dot connecting” described by Ed Maibach below is problematic given that patterns of derechos, U.S. hurricane strikes and damaging tornadoes have no evident link to global warming from the greenhouse-gas buildup:

“We’ve tracked significant weather and climatic events as they happen, like the el derecho that affected us here in the mid-Atlantic region last summer and a variety of other major weather and climatic events and we’ve shown that a majority of Americans see each of those as being made worse by climate change. So it really seems like public is beginning to connect the dots on this one.”

Links from greenhouse heating to heat waves and heavy downpours are clearer, as was described in the new draft National Climate Assessment.

Projection of hot days under a greenhouse buildup